Student leaders eager to raise student engagement

By Luna-Bella Galliano-Salinas, Reporter 


The votes are in.  Juniors Lizzy Sutherland and Duncan McMillan are the new class presidents; Tanner Venturi and Sam Knight are vice presidents; Sol Dehnert and Will Hennessy are sound commissioners; Wyatt Keppler is the treasurer; and Emme Osborne is the secretary.


Juniors Lizzy Sutherland and Duncan McMillan are eager to begin their new leadership roles as co-Presidents of ASB. They ran unopposed.


As a part of the campaign, McMillan excitedly mentioned the release of the app “Superfan” to our school. The app is like a point system in that it will award students for attending games and other school activities. Hopefully, this will help raise attendance and engagement levels at school events.


“After certain amounts of points, students will be rewarded with prizes such as t-shirts or free cookies at lunch,” McMillan said.


He feels strongly that he and Sutherland will work together well and fill all the roles necessary for the position.  


Sutherland also hopes to foster better communication with the student body and the staff in the hopes that it will clarify personal responsibility.


“[I believe it will also] encourage more active participation within the community,” Sutherland said.


Sutherland and Knight agree that the school leadership should be more active in notifying the student body about scheduled activities that take place during SMART periods. She finds that life will be a lot more enjoyable for students when they are more aware of the school’s plans.


McMillan, who is currently sound commissioner on the executive board for ASB, saw that his position would be well fulfilled by sophomores Sol Dehnert and Will Hennessey.


Dehnert and Hennessy ran for co-sound commissioners in the hopes of having more music played during lunch and getting to contribute new ideas to the school. Along with more music, they also hope to hold more dances like the Spring Fling. He believes that school dances are a fun and an easy way to fundraise for our school.


The next position recently filled was the school’s treasurer. Junior Wyatt Keppler was elected to take charge of that position for the coming year. His job will be to help manage the school’s purchases and budget. The position called to his school spirit and his desire to help the school in any way he can.


During the election process, junior Emme Osborne ran unopposed for secretary.


“My main goals are keeping ASB as organized as possible and also keeping communications between ASB, students and faculty,” Osborne said.  


She was originally running against Keppler, but with the news that nobody was running for treasurer, Keppler switched to that post, leaving both Osborne and Keppler unopposed in the election.


Since he is fiscally responsible, Keppler said, he figured that this availability was meant for him. He has no changes he would like to make to the system, and credits current senior and treasurer Aria Garrett for this.


“[She] has handled the job of treasurer fantastically,” Keppler said.


It’s a student cabinet enthusiastic on improvement.

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