New coronavirus causes global, local panic
By Elizabeth Lande, Managing and Copy Editor

Due to the quick-changing information in this article, this news is accurate as of Monday, March 9, 3:00 pm.

Throughout the month of January, leaking into February, and now continuing into March, national and global news has consisted of largely political buzzwords such as caucuses and primaries, and tragedies, namely Kobe Bryant’s untimely death and the Australian bushfires. However, competing for the top spot on the Google trending page is an issue that encompasses both politics and tragedy: coronavirus.

The outbreak in question started in Wuhan, China, a city that serves as a transportation and commercial center for the country. Scientists believe that the new coronavirus — coronaviruses are a family of viruses that cause a range of illnesses in humans — called COVID-19, jumped to humans...Read More

Parent group advocates cell phone restrictions
By Halle Wyatt, Co-Content Editor

Cell phones have served as one of the most controversial technologies of the past decade. As the influence of cellular devices on both culture and society evolves, phones are prompting wider discussion regarding their effects on mental and emotional health. With the publication of new research investigating the impact of cell phones, a national campaign to restrict cell phone usage in schools has spread to the island.

Research cited on shows that adolescents are feeling 31 percent lonelier in 2015 than in 2011 and that 75 percent of teachers have noticed a...Read More

Wrestling on the podium at State, Basketball season concluded
By Katherine Kelly, Reporter

Boys Basketball:

This year, the team had three seniors, Jeremiah Bogaard, Finbarr Anderson, and Issac Patchen, all of whom hoped to advance to Yakima for the state competition. Anderson has had the opportunity to play with past seniors who exemplified what...Read More