• Student leaders eager to raise student engagement
    By Luna-Bella Galliano-Salinas, Reporter    The votes are in.  Juniors Lizzy Sutherland and Duncan McMillan are the new class presidents; Tanner Venturi and Sam Knight are vice presidents; Sol Dehnert and Will Hennessy are sound commissioners; Wyatt Keppler is the treasurer; and Emme Osborne is the secretary.   Juniors Lizzy Sutherland and Duncan McMillan are eager to begin their new leadership roles as co-Presidents of ASB. They ran unopposed.   As a part of the campaign, McMillan excitedly mentioned the release of the app […]
  • I pledge allegiance to … what?
    By Clara Atwell, Associate Business Editor   The United States is one of the most nationalistic countries in the world. From a young age, children are taught the unique freedoms and opportunities that they have living here. They learn to love and praise our country through understanding its complex and patriotic history. By six years old, the words “I pledge allegiance to the flag …” have been ingrained into children’s memories as a part of their daily routines.   As students grow as individuals, they learn and interpret what […]
  • I-Spy launches at the high school
    By Madison McCann, Editor-in-Chief   In a step towards reducing student use of Chromebooks for non-school purposes, several teachers have adopted GoGuardian into their classrooms this semester to control and monitor their students’ use of the internet during class time.   GoGuardian is a computer program used by teachers around the country in order to filter the web inputs of Chromebooks.   “A couple years ago we had something similar called LanSchool, so in the [digital lab, the teacher] could see what everyone was up to,” […]