VHS Girls Varsity Basketball vs Cascade Christian | January 17th 2018


  • Spring sports wrap up
    By Katherine Kelly, Sports Editor   The final school sports have come to an end, thus wrapping up the sports season for the school year. The spring sports that the school offered this year included boys baseball, boys golf, boys soccer, boys […]
  • Response to “Letter to the Editor,” a response to Anne Kehl’s hall pass article
    By Anne Kehl, Managing Editor   I am a person of privilege. I have never gone hungry. I have always had a safe, caring home to fall asleep in. I have never had to worry about how I will get my homework done because I have always had internet […]
  • Student leaders eager to raise student engagement
    By Luna-Bella Galliano-Salinas, Reporter    The votes are in.  Juniors Lizzy Sutherland and Duncan McMillan are the new class presidents; Tanner Venturi and Sam Knight are vice presidents; Sol Dehnert and Will Hennessy are sound commissioners; […]
  • Levy decision to cover pool stirs controversy
    By Garrett Mueller, Co-Online Editor   For over thirty years, Islanders have wanted year-round pool access. Unfortunately, the Vashon Park District pool next to the high school is only open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The alternative option […]
  • Former debater Zoey Salsbury grabs national spotlight
    By Aria Garrett, Copy Editor   Armed with cardboard signs and a fiery spirit, Zoey Salsbury attended her first march around the state capitol to protest education funding with her father. She was all of six years old. That spirit of service and […]