Absences to be enforced
By Mari Kanagy, publishing editor

Before the start of the school year, students and parents were informed via email that the absence policy would be changing. The policy change initially sparked confusion among students and teachers alike about how exactly the policy would be different from previous years.

Currently, the student handbook states that students who accumulate more than 10 absences, excused or unexcused, within a semester may not earn credit for their courses. This policy, however, has not been enforced for approximately the past seven years.

“Students were being denied credit and then they were being given an appeal process,” principal Danny Rock said. “Over time, the school...Read More

Administration discusses off-campus lunch possibility
By Catherine Brown, Photo Editor

Countless high schools across the country have varying degrees of freedom regarding open campus lunches. For VHS students, the current policy prevents them from leaving school property, a rule that has stood for a number of years. Still, for some, the old policy is less of a faded memory and more of an ambitious dream...Read More

ASB Sets Goals For Upcoming Year
Elias Canterbury, Reporter

Now that school has started, ASB has the opportunity to address the goals they set for themselves during their election campaigns last year. Not only have they recently completed projects centered around homecoming week, but they are also in the midst of planning future dances and spirit events.
This year, ASB plans on tackling more activities than in...Read More

New Assistant Principal Andrew Guss takes the reins
By Alexander Wolf, Reporter

In 2019, the school district selected Andrew Guss as an ideal candidate for the position of assistant principal. Guss has worked in education abroad and in the states for nearly a decade. However, this will be Guss’s first administrative position...Read More

Running Start divides school community
By Hannah Spranger, Co-content Editor

Traditional high school schooling does not work for or appeal to every student, and Washington is one of five states that have adopted a Running Start program to provide an alternative education option. Since its conception in 1993, Washington State’s Running Start program has gained popularity and its influence has reached the halls of VHS. This year, a combined 41 juniors and seniors are currently enrolled in Running Start programs at different colleges in Seattle and Tacoma.

Many students choose to take classes at a community college in order to experience a new environment. 

“I have been on Vashon my whole life, and I feel like it’s really easy to get comfortable in a bubble like this, and I wanted...Read More

Arts & Entertainment

Student choir expands to the high school
Reese Thompson, Reporter

For the first time ever, choir is available to high school students. Originally created for the middle school in 2016, the choir is now open to both schools...Read More

Spooky movies promise to scare
Aidan Janssen, Designer Editor

With Halloween rapidly approaching, people are naturally going to be searching for ways to participate in the spooky...Read More


District to implement mandatory switch to standards based grading
By Mari Kanagy, Publishing Editor & Elizabeth Lande, Copy Editor

In 2013, the high school taught it’s first class using standards-based grading as part of Skyward’s trial for reporting grades using the system. Now, six years later, the whole district is transitioning to the system, with plans to officially implement it in all middle and high school classes by the fall of 2020.

Some Vashon teachers have adopted standards-based grading in their classrooms over the past few years, but the district’s collective shift comes behind a national trend. As early as 2009, schools across the U.S. began to move away from a traditional 100-point grade book toward the standards-based system...Read More


Implementation of standards-based grading falls short
By Isabelle Spence, Editor-in-Chief

In 2019, the Vashon Island school district mandated that by the 2020-21 school year, the entire district would switch to a new system of grading: standards-based. This new system is designed to address equity issues and “even the playing field out” for students who come from a variety of backgrounds. However, the system is fraught with errors and hypocrisies that undermine its positive intentions. The Riptide editorial board believes that the implementation of standards-based grading is ineffectual and ends...Read More


Getting Schooled in the Gym: ACal
Isaac Escovedo, Reporter

Every issue I follow a teacher’s exercise routine while asking them probing uncomfortable questions about their life.

I thought Andrew Callender was kidding when he told me to bring a muscle shirt to school...Read More

The Expectations and Reality of Holiday in Paris
By Halle Wyatt, Co-Content Editor

Whether you call it the City of Love or the City of Light, we can all agree that Paris, France has a sizeable reputation...Read More


Vashon welcomes students from abroad
By Eliza Pinckney, Reporter

VHS has a long history of exchange students traveling to Vashon from all over the world. This year is no exception as Sonsoles De Lacy Orellana and Nora Brockmann...Read More

New staff members at VHS
By Olivia London-Chambers, reporter

Gavin Kovite
Positions: Senior English, AP English Literature, and Sophomore English...Read More

My Friend, Andrew Callender
By James McCrackyn, Reporter
Each issue, Riptide reporter James McCrackyn will be interviewing his friends around the high school. Look for more to come!

What is your favorite guitar?

Answer: Acoustic

How many strings does this guitar have?
...Read More


Students Strike for Climate Change
By Chance Mentink, Reporter

On September 20, one million students worldwide stood in protest against the powers that have long caused or prolonged the global disaster that is climate change. In April of 2018, Gretta Thurmburg, a 16-year-old...Read More

Congresswoman Jayapal visits island
By Amelia Spence, Reporter, and Isabelle Spence, Editor-in-Chief

On Tuesday, October 8, chorale harmonies filled the high school’s theatre. Though this is unusual for most town halls, Vashon put their unique spin on one and welcomed...Read More


Rivas excels on Vashon football team
By Savannah Butcher, Reporter

Senior Richard Rivas plays running back, linebacker and kicker on the school football team. Rivas has been incredibly successful while also juggling soccer and wrestling. He has grown into a valuable player and a great leader, and may be looking into playing football in college...Read More

Fall Sports Update
By Stella Chilcote, reporter

Since the beginning of the season, the football team of 28 students has played five games, with a win record of 0-5 Head coach Clay Eastly is working to get...Read More