Seniors saddened by loss of final months of high school
By Halle Wyatt, Co-Content Editor
These past few months have been turbulent and unpredictable for nearly everyone around the globe. Although the fear of getting sick with and losing loved ones to...Read More

Vashon teachers mourn loss of school year
By Hannah Spranger, Co-Content Editor
For most, it is easy to empathize with the students who are losing a semester of school, regardless of grade level. People remember their senior year — the once in a lifetime experiences they made...Read More

Arts & Entertainment

Students show off quarantine artwork
By Katherine Kelly, Reporter
The Riptide wants to allow students to let their art shine through as a light during this challenging time. Student artists submitted images of the art that they have recently created to compile a collection of quarantine artwork.

River Gregorich

...Read More

Music recommendations from someone who is very underqualified
By Hannah Spranger, Co-Content Editor
f you’re like me, your music taste is constantly...Read More

Eight books that will occupy at least some of your time in quarantine
By Halle Wyatt, Co-Content Editor
Although school has formally started up again through online required learning, I think we should take some time each day and relax with a good book. If you’re anything like me, and ignoring unread books on your bookshelf, then I suggest you procrastinate that infinitely long list and add a few to the top. Here are some of my favorite novels that I...Read More

Ella and Mari’s bake off
Mari Kanagy, Publishing Editor & Eleanor Yarkin, Online Editor
Through these difficult and uncertain times, two particular best friends have become more distant than ever before. The pair has remained not a mere six feet apart, but rather separated by hundreds of miles: Mari has been quarantined at her home on Vashon, whereas Ella is spending these months locked away with her sister in San Luis Obispo, California. The one thing keeping them connected, aside from...Read More

Vashon Live Broadcasts Entertainment During Quarantine
Chick Green, Reporter
Quarantine has impacted everyone differently, whether that’s been experiencing extreme motivation, unproductive restlessness and anxiety, or just plain old boredom. One group has attempted to ease island residents...Read More


Q&A with a coronavirus patient
By Elizabeth Lande, Managing and Copy Editor
Editor’s Note: this story is written by a member of our staff who knows someone who contracted, dealt with, and survived COVID-19. The person does not live on Vashon, is now fully recovered, and will remain anonymous for the purpose of this story.

On March 12, as the Seattle area was firmly coming to grips with the severity of its COVID-19 outbreak, a man living in Bellevue flew with...Read More

How Danny Does It
By Catherine Brown, Photo & Business Editor
While stuck inside during the virus, many people will find themselves calling friends to catch up. Unfortunately, we don’t all get to converse with your high school's principal, Danny Rock. I wanted to check in with the man during these times and see how he was. Here is what he had to say.

Q: How are you?

Rock: “Strange times! I'm doing OK. It is really hard to have work, kids’ school, and home life all smashed into the same space at the same time. However, on the scale of problems across our country and world, we're doing pretty dang good still...Read More


Washington State law enforcement protects themselves against COVID-19
Alexander Wolf, reporter
Faced with the threat of contracting COVID-19 while on duty, Washington State police departments have been forced to take special precautions. Law enforcement...Read More

VCA art shifts from physical to digital
By Mari Kanagy, Publishing Editor
Social media post: With Vashon residents in lockdown, and many local shops and stores closed, the Vashon Center for the Arts is working to bring their gallery...Read More

Matsuda Farm continues to serve community
Mead Gill, Reporter
For many Islanders, spring is a time for new beginnings. It’s a time for deep cleaning houses, running around barefoot, and wishing you could stay home from work to take in the incredible weather.

For local farmers, spring is a time for fresh...Read More

Island tourism threatened by COVID-19
By Wendy Axtelle, Reporter
Due to Governor Inslee's stay at home order, social events and access to certain activities is limited. With spring flying past and summer fast approaching, all while COVID-19 continues...Read More

Local eggonomics are out of control
Mead Gill, Reporter
As the grueling weeks of Jay Inslee’s stay-at-home order continue to induce panic in local shoppers, baby chicks have become one of the most impulsively-bought products in the greater Washington State area...Read More

We’re all in this together; interviews across Vashon
By Isaac Escovedo, Associate Editor
COVID-19 has had an interesting effect on the world we live in. While the spread of the virus has left us all isolating in our homes, we find ourselves in different situations...Read More


Boulder shoulders and workouts with wood
By Isaac Escovedo, Associate Editor
All this time alone has seen most of us burning through every show on Netflix and leaving a permanent divot in our couches. But while we’ve been binging, Anders Blomgren has been busy getting absolutely shredded. Blomgren has spent the past several weeks trying to get his “Workouts With Wood” challenge trending online, however, he only has four people participating so...Read More