JUNE 2020


Vashon teens’ drug usage seems to be increasing due to COVID-19
By Alexander Wolf, Reporter
Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, teen usage of drugs, overall, had been on the decline, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse for teens. However, the effects of quarantine and isolation are putting local teens at risk of addiction and relapse to drugs. The situation is not hopeless though, as it is constantly changing as these circumstances change.

According to an anonymous teen...Read More

College applications are being impacted by COVID— here’s what’s happening and how you can finish the school year strong.
By Milo Carr, Content & Social Media Editor
It’s been an interesting few months, and with school completely online, it’s safe to say this semester is not living up to expectations. Under normal circumstances, juniors would be touring college campuses, taking their SATs, and trying to finish the semester on a high note. But with postponed tests and closed campuses, there's been a bit of worry and confusion on how that's going to impact junior college applications.

The good news is that colleges understand that extraordinary circumstances warrant extraordinary application...Read More

Arts & Entertainment

Was 2019’s “Cats” a Catastrophe?
By Catherine Brown Photo & Business Editor, and Amelia Spence Content & Publishing Editor
Was 2019’s controversial “Cats” a cinematic masterpiece or a nightmarish disaster? Bored in lockdown, two journalists have watched the film and come away with differing opinions.

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Quarantine haircuts are all the buzz
By Milo Carr, Content and Social Media Editor
When a teenager is stuck inside for months on end, what else can they do but experiment with their hair? This spring has seen its share of new, bold hairstyles ranging from bleached blonde to chic DIY bangs to totally...Read More

Healthy Pancake Hack Drives me Bananas
By Amelia Spence, Content & Publishing Editor
Recently, along with dance trends and workout regimens, I’ve been seeing a lot of “healthy eating” tips and tricks from people finding creative ways to eat...Read More

Netflix makes a pitiful attempt at stealing my heart
Mead Gill, Copy & Online Editor
For many of us stuck in quarantine, there’s nothing like a good Netflix binge to distract from being productive. Unfortunately, the new crop of dating shows released by the platform has left me with mixed emotions. For this review, I’ll dive deep into a couple shows, writing from the perspective of your average...Read More

Biking on Vashon
By Elias Canterbury, Reporter
Being stuck inside all day can get pretty claustrophobic, and you probably feel the need to get out and do something. If you find yourself feeling this way, cycling can be a great option for exercise and just general leisure.

There are plenty of wonderful trails and routes to bike all over Vashon. Even if you live in Seattle, the new Stay Healthy streets make great open paths for you to enjoy a nice...Read More

A guide to the best walks on Vashon
By Wendy Axtelle, Reporter
With lockdown in full swing, it can be hard to find ways to pass the time. Luckily, the Puget Sound area is the perfect location for those who are looking for excellent walking and hiking spots. These are my favorite hiking spots on the island and in the area surrounding.

The Burton Loop is a classic walk known by all islanders. As a simple one mile round trip, this walk is...Read More


Distanced learning changes normality for staff, students
By Halle Wyatt, Managing and Feature Editor and Catherine Brown, Photo and Business Editor
Despite zero deaths and few confirmed cases, the island community has nevertheless undergone serious lifestyle changes throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. To accommodate these changes, all school district members have seen their lives turn upside down.

After Governor Jay Inslee announced statewide school closures on March 12, the island paused all continuation of education for the next six weeks as students went home and prepared for a month and a half of optional learning.

On April 6, Washington state public schools were officially closed for the rest of the year. The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) also announced that...Read More


How to be a white ally without smothering black voices
By The Editorial Board
In the past couple weeks, white people have had an amazing realization; police do a lot of bad things. The frequent murder of unarmed black people, the police brutality, and the overt displays of white supremacy by police officers are finally dominating the public eye. And with a wave of protests has come a wave of concerned white people. White allies are important, and every voice speaking against racism is crucial, but white allyship can be...Read More


Podcasts to Listen to in Lockdown
By Elias Canterbury, Reporter

All the extra downtime being socially distanced and stuck at home can get kind of mind-numbing. Podcasts are a wonderful way to not only pass the time, but also give yourself something productive to do. Here’s a list of podcasts for anyone looking to pass the time, distract themselves, or just...Read More


COVID-19 affects local workers
By Alexander Wolf, Reporter
COVID-19 is impacting local businesses and by extension their employees. For some workers, this means different working conditions, while for others, it means they are out of a job. With high unemployment rates rocking the nation, many workers have found themselves unexpectedly without...Read More

What Stage Two of Reopening Will Look Like On Vashon
By Chancellor Mentink, Reporter
After a strict lockdown, counties all over Washington are beginning to reopen. Although King County isn’t viable for stage two reopening yet, our community needs to be ready. In stage two, King County citizens can look forward to changes such as stores reopening at 30 percent capacity, some restaurants at half capacity, and continued social distancing and face covering. Many other things will change, but...Read More

Vashon LIVE presents young artists
Marina-Rae Gill, Reporter
Vashon Island is an arts community. Brimming with...Read More

COVID-19 affects ferry workers
By Wendy Axtelle, Reporter
Washington State Ferries are what island life depends on.The ferry workers who manage these boats not only connect islanders with the rest of the state, but are also members of the community. With stay at home orders and many jobs being moved online, the ferries are faced with a decrease in ridership, new safety precautions, and more...Read More

The four stages of lockdown reopening explained
By Marina-Rae Gill, reporter
Stage 1

Stage one, also known as the Healthcare System Readiness stage, is the first phase of Washington’s journey to the resumption of everyday life. Whether or not a county may enter stage one is measured by the healthcare system’s capacity of available beds, staff, and medical supplies. This includes supplies in long-term...Read More