Amnesty collects clothes for a local cause
By Reese Thompson, Reporter

Although Amnesty International is better known for its focus on global human rights causes, the VHS chapter has decided to think locally and host a clothing drive for the homeless youth community in Washington. Donating clothes allows the kids in need to have an important sense of...Read More

Girls to Girls provides scholarships to Kenyan students
By Amelia Spence, Reporter

There are many clubs at the high school, but few allow students to make as much of a visible impact on the world as Girls to Girls. The group, which was founded in 2012 by then eighth graders at...Read More

TOLO replaced by new dances
By Eliza Pinckney, Reporter

As part of their plan to increase school spirit, ASB planned two dances that are new for the high school. TOLO, a formal dance for which girls traditionally ask guys, has been replaced with the Snowball, held on...Read More

New guide dog puppies arrive at High School
By Savannah Butcher, Social Media Editor

Vashon High School has a long history with the program Guide Dogs for the Blind, raising 146 dogs since 1942. On October 18, two new puppies joined the local chapter of the program: Jesop and Joel.

The two puppies were born to Dina, a previous VHS guide dog...Read More

Arts & Entertainment

Boots With The Fur: Winter Fashion Predictions
By Isaac Escovedo, Reporter
And Kara Sears, Fashion Icon (Kara’s comments in italics)

With winter comes a whole slew of warm, comfy clothing to wear the one time a week you leave your house. In order to help the woefully unfashionable students of Vashon High School, I have combed through the season’s hottest runway looks and the ...Read More

Chancellor of Pizza
By Chance Mentink, Reporter

The pizza on Vashon has always been somewhat lacking. Over the years, places have opened and closed, and now we must ask ourselves: has the pizza on Vashon been able to improve over the years? I went to the three pizza places that remain on Vashon, and looked for...Read More

Classic movies to spice up your holiday season
By Chick Green, Reporter

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer: Produced by Arthur Rankin Jr. and Jules Bass, this movie is the oldest one on the list, premiering on TV for the first time in 1964. But...Read More

Blue Heron’s The Nutcracker continues tradition
By Halle Wyatt, Co-Content Editor

For two decades now, the Blue Heron has drawn islanders to its stage for the yearly performance of The Nutcracker. This December marked the twentieth anniversary of the Blue Heron’s production with...Read More


Investigating sexual health and culture
By Mari Kanagy, Publishing Editor & Elizabeth Lande, Copy and Managing Editor

National, local STI rates rise

In early October, a report released by the Center for Disease Control announced that, for the fifth year in a row, U.S. Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) rates had steadily risen. In particular, the number of reported cases for chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis spiked considerably. From 2014 to 2018, syphilis grew by 83 percent, chlamydia climbed by 22 percent, and gonorrhea increased by 67 percent.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) report also reported that youth account for 50 percent of the country’s new STI cases. This means that of the 2.4 million new reported cases in 2018, 1.2 million came from adolescents aged 15 to 24. Men and women make up a roughly equal portion of these new cases, even though young women tend to be more biologically vulnerable to...Read More


Administration does a good job with sex education
By Isabelle Spence, Editor in Chief

Across America, the occurrence of STIs is increasing, even as the rates of teenage sex go down. The root of this issue stems from a systemic lack of support throughout the country for teenagers as they begin sexual activities. This is seen through continuing stigmas around using birth control and a lack of comprehensive sexual education in high schools. However, Vashon defies these nation-wide low expectations by providing effective and inclusive sexual education for the majority of its students, as well as providing access to sexual health support and planning through the resource of...Read More


Every Day is Leg Day With Tara Vanselow
By Isaac Escovedo, Reporter

I heard Tara Vanselow was a hardcore runner, so before we worked out, I bought a coffin and finalized my will. This was a good idea, as Vanselow and I ran so fast my soul left my body.

At 5:00 am, I pulled my car...Read More

Humiliation of students at the hands of staff is detrimental now and in the long run
By Milo Carr, reporter

They say absolute power corrupts absolutely, so while teachers don’t have complete authority in their classrooms, it seems there's enough power to corrupt them anyways. Some teachers at this school seem to turn their focus from teaching their students in favor of playing favorites, discouraging learning, and creating a toxic and unwelcoming environment.

Often times, teachers like this hope to create a false impression of a stimulating...Read More


Andy Sears achieves 300th win in basketball
Eliza Pinckney, Reporter

Andy Sears, athletic director and head coach of the boys basketball team, recently achieved his...Read More

My friend, Aaron Graves
James McCrackyn, Reporter

Each issue, Riptide reporter James McCrackyn will be interviewing his friends around the high school. Look for more to come!

Questions...Read More

Eva Cain wows audience at Land Trust concert
By Halle Wyatt, Co-Content Editor

By the sound of her voice, you might not guess that Eva Cain is only...Read More

Therapists work to fight the stigma around mental health
By Elias Canterbury, reporter

Seeking mental health support and therapy carries a stigma with it that if you seek help, you are weak or less than those who don’t need help. Fighting this stereotype around therapy and encouraging people who struggle with...Read More

Junior Choo dives into music
By Hannah Spranger, Co-Content Editor

Ethan Choo has an impressively long musical resume for someone who is only a junior. He participates in the school band, two other bands — one alternative...Read More


Police officers observations of Vashon
By Alexander Wolf, Reporter

Vashon is typically seen as a safe community with a low crime rate, which means that two police officers is all the island ...Read More

Winterfest activities unite community
Olivia London-Chambers,Reporter

Vashon Island has many annual traditions that bring the community together. One of these traditions is WinterFest, more commonly known as the tree lighting. Located downtown, the event is held by the Chamber of Commerce each year in ...Read More


Junior Nelson excels on wrestling team
By Amelia Spence, Reporter

Many high school students are involved in one sport or another, but not many can say that they’ve been participating in it since the first grade. Junior Ryan Nelson is one of those...Read More

Winter Cheer is jumping back into competitions
By Catherine Brown, Photo Editor

The leaves are falling and the temperature is dropping, and with this changing of seasons comes a new season of winter sports. Winter cheer joins the lineup with a group of both returning...Read More

Boys and Girls Basketball Start the Season Strong
By Stella Chilcote, Reporter

Starting off strong with 4 overall wins, both the junior varsity and varsity boys’ basketball team are working hard, putting in effort, and showing commitment to ...Read More