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May 12, 2017

  • Commuters subject to annual application process
    By Sequoia Gregorich, Co-Content Editor   VHS has 157 commuters out of a total of 494 students — a whopping 31 percent of our school. Because they are substantial contributors in our small high school community, it is essential that we […]
  • Bond … school bond: Where does all the money go?
    By Katherine Kelly, Sports Editor   On April 25, the Vashon Island community passed a capital facilities bond for $9.9 million to fund improvements to the track, field and other parts of the school system. The new track will allow for athletic […]
  • “Thirteen Reasons Why” justifies suicide and rape
    By Anne Kehl, Managing Editor   SPOILER ALERT: In order to fully and comprehensively discuss this snippet of culture, I must divulge much of the plotline. If you haven’t seen the whole season yet and don’t want to spoil it, do not proceed. […]
  • Well, what were you wearing?
    By Clara Atwell, Associate Business Editor   Growing up, I’ve always been told not to go out in the city without a buddy — especially at night in certain neighborhoods — and to never drink anything at a party or bar that is not sealed or […]
  • School Board proposes trial period for gender-neutral bathrooms
    By Julian White-Davis, Photo Editor   Coming this fall, students of any sexual orientation or gender identity will be able to use the bathroom of their choice at the high school. There will be no need to worry whether it’s the women’s or the […]
  • Perhaps being uncomfortable can sometimes be a good thing
    Editorial Board   The School Board’s first step towards converting the two upstairs bathrooms of the high school to becoming gender-neutral has caused a stir among the community. The bathrooms will be opened on a three-month trial period next […]
  • “Sister Act”: Theater class beats the odds
    By Madison McCann, Editor-in-Chief   Many students are big fans of “High School Musical,” but they don’t actually see the drama behind the drama department of their own school.   Let me set the scene by going back to early September, when […]
  • We must value safety over comfort
    By Anne Kehl, Managing Editor   Before I begin, I’d like to make it clear that I am a white, heterosexual, cisgender female of the middle class. I acknowledge how fortunate I am to not have to struggle with identifying my gender or sexual […]
  • Wake Up, America: How Stanley Kubrick faked the Apollo Moon Landing
    By Tor Ormseth, Online Editor   Most people know Stanley Kubrick for his film career, including the major successes “A Clockwork Orange,” “2001: A Space Odyssey” and “Dr. Strangelove.” However, many people believe that one of his other works […]
  • Rants and Raves
    By Aria Mildon, Reporters   Rave: Chicken Burgers achieve “beloved” status   Every once in awhile, the lunch team grants us a taste of heaven by feeding us our beloved chicken burgers. Sure, I’ve had chicken burgers from classic fast food […]
  • Picnicking in the Park Continues
    By Aria Garrett, Copy Editor, and Jules Vanselow, Reporter   One out of every four students at the school uses a program for free or reduced meals. Programs like these help those who can’t always afford three meals a day. But although the […]
  • Learning the red flags of an unhealthy relationship
    By Mira Zike, Reporter and Designer Ever meet someone you really like — only to discover five minutes (or five weeks) into the conversation that several red flags have popped up?   There are some characteristics of unhealthy relationships that […]
  • Green Team produces library garden to increase environmental awareness
    By Aria Mildon, Reporter   Every Monday during lunch, the Green Team can be found in Mr. Browning’s room. The student group spends its time organizing projects and activities in order to protect and raise awareness about the environment. […]
  • Food, Mood and Solitude: Dear Mom
    By Sasha Elenko, Food Columnist   Dear mom,   I know I have another whole year before I am to be cast off to fend for myself in the overwhelming entropy of college campus food courts. And before that time comes, another Mother’s Day will […]
  • Dear students and staff: How to end “staff vs. students”
    By Sequoia Gregorich, Co-Content Editor   It’s time we talk about the elephant in the room: the relationship of staff vs. students. I’ve been at this school for almost two years, and it didn’t take long to notice the mistrust this community […]
  • Letter to the Editor:
    Students argue hall pass column takes advantage of paper’s privilege   Dear Editor,   In addressing Anne Kehl’s column “Hall passes turn students from individuals into numbers” in the April 7 issue of the Riptide, we as concerned […]
  • Movie Review: “Logan” breaks new, darker ground for the X-Men superhero series
    By Jack Kelly, Business and Publishing Editor   “Great … another typical superhero movie,” I muttered as I stood in line to get a ticket to see “Logan.” “Why did I let myself get talked into coming?”   As it turns out, “Logan” is anything […]
  • Major service provider to leave local care center
    By Madeleine Dumais, Social Media Editor   Since 1995, Providence Senior and Community Services (PSCS) has provided management for Vashon Community Care (VCC). Last month, PSCS decided that they will not renew their management agreement with […]
  • Food Delivery Service to begin mid-June from Vashon Fresh
    By Sasha Elenko, Co-Content Editor   Starting June 15, islanders will have the opportunity to order artisan foods and fresh produce and have them delivered to their doorstep at the click of a mouse.   The project, which is being organized […]
  • Baselines and Bonuses: the ins and outs of Teacher pay
    By Sasha Elenko, Co-Content Editor   When it comes to teacher pay in the Vashon Island School District (VISD), much of the discontentment — which is so often discussed in the abstract — is actually a reflection of issues with state funding, […]

April 7, 2017

  • Kendrick Season is Here … and “DAMN.”
    By Giacomo Kuzma, Hip-Hop/Rap Columnist   “I was born like this, since one like this; immaculate conception/I transform like this, perform like this, was Yeshua’s new weapon … ”   – Kendrick Lamar, “DNA.”   Since Kendrick […]
  • What’s up with the state?
    By Aria Garrett, Copy Editor   In a world where discussion over federal politics is at an all-time high, it is important to remember that being aware of state politics has become just as important — if not more — than it was. People are often […]
  • Kodak Black vs. Lil Wayne — who would win?
    By Giacomo Kuzma, Rap Columnist   Ever since its emergence in the ‘80s, Southern rap has had an irrefutable influence on hip-hop culture. The Geto Boys, OutKast, UGK and 8Ball & MJG shaped Southern hip-hop with their lingo, rapping style […]
  • Discovering the power of art on the 69th Floor of the WTC
    By Clara Atwell, Associate Business Editor   After the terrorist attacks of 9/11, the American people were left devastated and at a loss as to how to react and move on. There had not been an attack on U.S. soil since Pearl Harbor, and suddenly […]
  • Ellisport History to Appear in the Heritage Museum
    By Calder Stenn, Associate Editor   From April 7 to Sept. 24, the Vashon-Maury Island Heritage Museum will feature a free, exclusive exhibit about one of Vashon Island’s oldest communities on its east side: Ellisport. The exhibit will focus […]
  • Bouldering on the Rock
    Aria Mildon, Reporter   In the town of Vashon Island, nestled between Zombiez and Voice of Vashon, is a hidden building where people can go to boulder and to stay active. The Vashon Recess Lab, which just celebrated its first anniversary, has […]
  • Vote ‘Yes!’ for the Bond!
    by the Editorial Board   Vashon Island is regarded as one of the most liberal places in the world. It was the largest donor to the Bernie Sanders campaign — which proposed a plan to provide free college education — per capita in the country. […]
  • Gonzaga loses to North Carolina in physical game
    By Katherine Kelly, Sports Editor   Unexpected circumstances arose during the NCAA March Madness Championships in Glendale, Arizona on April 3, 2017. To earn spots in the championship game, the teams fought and played aggressive games.   […]
  • Principal Rock drops countersuit against Dr. Kelly Wright
    By Anne Kehl, Managing Editor   The pending lawsuit against VISD has been a popular talking point in the high school since the news first broke. Everyone was surprised again in February when Principal Danny Rock launched a countersuit against […]
  • Bond Levy to improve sports facilities
    By Madison McCann, Editor-in-Chief   Our athletics facilities have seen better days. The gym was originally built in 1912 — over 100 years ago. The track, set up in 1970, is longer than the standard measurement for track fields. Furthermore, […]
  • Dear Students: Confessions of a high school burnout
    By Sequoia Gregorich, Co-Content Editor   Spring is the time of year that I start to lose my motivation and interest. The gloomy clouds that hang over Vashon all year finally disperse, replaced by a hopeful blue sky and sun. But still we remain […]
  • Vashon: race and ethnic diversity
    Sequoia Gregorich, Co-Content Editor   It is a question pondered by many: How can Vashon be so ethnically diverse, yet so racially homogeneous?   The first inhabitants on Vashon were the Sx̌ʷəBABš (Shone-MAH-mish), with an estimated […]
  • New York Narrative: Riptide takes a bit into Big Apple
    By Jack Kelly, Business and Publishing Editor   An orchestra of screeching metal fades into the background as we exit the subway, climbing into the stark city. The white snow contrasts with the dark of night as clusters of tired students […]
  • Soccer bags mystery resolved
    Katherine Kelly, Sports Editor   Before her retirement, former girls soccer coach Karen Olson headed up the purchase of new sports bags so that the teams would have something to use for away games and equipment. Once enough money was […]
  • ‘Tale as Old as Time’ Changes for the Better
    By Madison McCann, Editor-in-Chief   Recently, Disney has been remaking many of its classic animations. It started with the remake of “Alice in Wonderland” in 2010. Then came “Cinderella” (2015) and “The Jungle Book” (2016). This year, it’s a […]
  • Substitute teachers speak out about unsatisfactory wages
    By Julian White-Davis, Photo Editor   Substitute teachers are a vital part of any school system. They are the ones who maintain the flow of education in our schools when a full-time teacher is unavailable and are often retired teachers that […]
  • Seniors Lose to Staff in first Bawlers vs. Ballers Game
    Aria Mildon, Reporter   School spirit soared through the crowds on March 24 at the basketball game. Students from all classes attended to see their favorite teachers shoot some hoops in the game named “Bawlers vs. Ballers” between the high […]
  • School Board plans Neighborcare health care clinic for the high school
    By Madeleine Dumais, Social Media and Distribution Editor   Recently, the school board has begun discussing the proposition introduced by Neighborcare to place a health clinic in the high school. Neighborcare has previously established 12 […]
  • Giving it all: sports as a lifestyle
    By Clara Atwell, Associate Business Editor   Students find opportunities to challenge themselves at the high school, whether it’s through academics, clubs, sports or all three. Some are pushing themselves to the limit by playing on multiple […]
  • Food, Mood and Solitude: What’s the best ‘booch for your buck?
    By Sasha Elenko, Co-Content Editor   There are two types of people in this world: those who drink kombucha, and those who will burn in hell. For the sake of positivity, I will only be addressing the difficult choices faced by those who do not […]
  • Hall passes turn students from individuals into numbers
    By Anne Kehl, Managing Editor   A frightening rumor passed through the school the week before Friday, March 10th. The infamous word previously only heard on movie screens had manifested in the hallowed halls of the school. Hall Pass. I was […]
  • How I discovered that the Earth is flat
    By Tor Ormseth, Online Editor   One of the first things taught in schools is that the Earth is round. We have a globe in most elementary school classrooms in the world, so it must be true, right?   Well, maybe not so much.   […]
  • Islanders paint picture of Vashon art culture
    By Calder Stenn, Associate Editor   Although Vashon Island is not one of the most prominent art hotspots of the United States, it is still much more than a small, rural getaway off Seattle.   “Vashon is a place where art flourishes,” […]

March 9, 2017

  • Bill Moyer: The life of an activist
    By Julian White-Davis, Photo Editor   Cozily packed into a small, dimly lit office strewn with papers and drawings, Bill Moyer sits back in a worn chair and begins his story. The lamp light plays gently across his youthful smile and jazzy dark […]
  • Educate yourself on the history of education
    By Madison McCann, Editor-in-Chief    Picture an English classroom. See the students focus on the whiteboard at the front of the class, chromebooks open in front of them to take notes, while the teacher speaks into a microphone around their […]
  • Food, Mood and Solitude: My trip to an underground soup club
    Sasha Elenko, Co-Content Editor   You can learn a lot about a secret soup society by reading their emails.   For example, you can discover just what type of conversation would take place while intimately slurping soup with 16 strangers. […]
  • Will Michelle Obama’s healthy lunch movement continue?
    By Luna-Bella Galliano-Salinas, Reporter   According to the website Fortune, the Partnership for Healthier America (PHA) will continue its work making Americans healthier by promoting healthier lunches and being active, continuing the positive […]
  • Sexism within the subtleties
    By Jules Vanselow, Reporter   Of all of the harmful phrases a woman could be upset by, there is one that is particularly bothersome: “Sexism isn’t a problem anymore.”   Not only is this undeniably false, but it normally slips from the […]
  • Robotics wins State, advances to Super Regional Championship
    Sasha Elenko, Co-Content Editor   For the second time in three years, the robotics team — the “Vashon Pi-r8s” — are State Champions and will advance to the Super Regional Championship in Tacoma on March 10-12.   Of the nine current team […]
  • Misadvertised movie “Split” loses its way… and its audience
    By Anne Kehl, Managing Editor   Let me just start by saying I was very excited to see “Split.” I had seen multiple commercials for it, and received rave reviews from a few close friends.   Now, let me tell you the outcome you might not […]
  • Journalism team holds panel discussion at local restaurant
    By Calder Stenn, Associate Editor   On Feb. 16, about 50 people packed into The Hardware Store Restaurant for a panel discussion with four journalists from Vashon and Seattle, one of them a retired editor of The Wall Street Journal. The purpose […]
  • Founder of Teen Center pulls the plug on her dream
    By Calder Stenn, Associate Editor   At the corner of Gorsuch Road and Vashon Highway lies the Vashon Youth and Family Services’ Playspace building. On March 17, the building will go to an anonymous buyer for $539,000.   However, for the […]
  • Community members explore how to discuss death
    By Aria Garrett, Copy Editor   On March 2 at 7 p.m., members of the Vashon community assembled to the call of McMurray student Ella Yarkin’s bagpipes at the Vashon Island High School Theater.   They talked about death.     It was the […]
  • Tolo: More than just a dance
    By Madeleine Dumais, Distribution and Social Media Editor   Think back to Tolo last weekend, you may or may not have gone but you likely know the tradition of women asking men to the dance and may wonder how this tradition began.   In […]
  • The Phantom Time Hypothesis: Welcome to 1720 A.D.
    By Tor Ormseth, Online Editor   If you ask anyone what year it is currently, they’ll probably tell you that it is 2017 A.D. That is common knowledge. But is it? According to German historian Heribert Illig, the years between 614 and 911 A.D. […]
  • Freedom of Speech rights vary across school districts
    By Sequoia Gregorich, Co-Content Editor   It is ever more crucial that students of the United States today, with their strong voices and opinions, are educated on their freedom of speech rights. This article will give to you a small sample of […]
  • Remembering the alternatives to college
    By Sequoia Gregorich, Co-Content Editor   College is an excellent way to receive a formal education, and can often lead to a high-paying job. What many forget, however, is that it’s one of many options, and not always the best for every […]
  • Winter sports coming to a close
    By Katherine Kelly, Sports Editor   Winter sports are coming to a close, and many of the teams have experienced what is known as a “building block season” – when most of the athletes are underclassmen, or new to the sport altogether. This […]
  • We’re Back, Baby! North Kitsap snaps up VHS original musical The Project
    By Madison McCann, Editor-in-Chief   One year after the original theater production The Project was written and produced by students at Vashon Island High School, it is beginning to spread to other schools. This spring, North Kitsap High School […]
  • What in the World
    By Tayo Sjoberg Jamison, Reporter   13,000 dead In Syrian prison On Feb. 7, Amnesty International released an article exposing the alleged atrocities committed in the Syrian prison north of the capital Damascus. As many as 13,000 prisoners from […]
  • Hugh Davis sings his way to the top
    By Luna-Bella Galliano-Salinas, Reporter   A small bead of sweat began to form at the nape of his neck as random shivers of anxiety and excitement swept through him. He felt the lights’ warmth shine down as the crowd buzzed around him. He […]
  • Concussions in Sports Make up a Dangerous Majority
    By Aria Mildon, Reporter   After receiving a hit to the chin in eighth grade, I was carted to the emergency room. I remember that the first thing they did was check for concussions. Luckily I was cleared, but that isn’t the reality for many […]
  • Battling Political Climate Change
    By Aria Garrett, Copy Editor   In the current political environment, tensions and divisions have boiled over to develop a new interpretation of the term global warming. Things are really heating up. And with many complicated friendships, people […]
  • Breaking Type: Why labels damage real people
    By Bernadette Hoover, Columnist   What do you picture in your mind when you hear the word gay or lesbian? The common images are usually a flamboyant man who is well dressed and loves Broadway, or a thick-skinned woman who wears lumberjack […]
  • Girls lax vs. boys lax
    By Katherine Kelly, Sports Editor   Spring sports are just around the corner, and that means lacrosse for both boys and girls. The lacrosse season begins with the first game for each team on March 4, 2017.   And although it appears they […]
  • Grading Styles at Vashon Island High School
    By Aria Mildon, Reporter   Grades affect all of us, whether we like it or not. That C that you got on a test freshman year may not but everything adds up. Or does it? With the introduction of new grading styles such as Standards Based Grading […]
  • Locals React to the Latest Migos Project: C U L T U R E
    By Giacomo Kuzma, Reporter    On Friday, Jan. 27, the rap trio Migos released their sophomore album C U L T U R E. The group consists of Atlanta-based rappers Offset, Quavo, and Takeoff. Peaking at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and R&B/Hip-Hop […]
  • Pirate talk
    By McKenna Anderson, Reporter   What do you do to ease your transition from the first semester to the second?   Katelyn Hall, senior “I make sure to memorize my schedule before the second semester starts.”   Becca Gray, junior “I […]
  • Rants and Raves
    By Campbell Foster, Design Editor   Rant: Getting 24 credits The past couple years there have been changes to the graduation requirement for sophomores. Students now have to reach a total of 24 credits in order to graduate. Many people are […]
  • Ms. Browning Appreciation
    By Campbell Foster, Design Editor   We are all fortunate enough to attend a school that has so many intelligent and capable teachers. One teacher in particular has been raved about on numerous occasions, and it is about time we acknowledge her. […]
  • Upcoming events
    By Clara Atwell, Designer Jacob Lawrence: The Migration Series Jan. 21 – April 23 Seattle Art Museum Tickets $19.95 This exhibit is featuring the artwork of Seattle native Jacob Lawrence. The exhibit tells the story of African Americans like […]

January 26, 2017

  • Survey explores the role of school counselors
    Mira Zike, Reporter and Designer   We see our school counselors in the halls every day.  They come to our classrooms discussing scheduling, college planning, and preparing for the SAT. Yet, recent data questions whether or not we really take […]
  • Crew team puts in the extra effort
    By Katherine Kelly, Reporter and Designer & McKenna Anderson, Reporter and Staff Artist   Crew is usually associated with long hours and hard work. No matter what the weather is like, rowers make sure to put their nose to the grindstone and […]
  • Maijah Sanson-Frey: Making music the most important thing
    By Bernadette Hoover, Reporter   From the young age of three, junior Maijah Sanson-Frey knew she wanted to be a musician.   “I’ve loved music my entire life because my dad was a musician, and my mom was a dancer,” said Sanson-Frey.   […]
  • Pirate Talk
      By Luisa Fricke, Reporter   What’s the worst pick-up line you know?   Elliot French, Freshman “Do you believe in love in the first sight or should I walk past again?”   Ava Bostock, Sophomore “Do you have lung cancer? Because […]
  • Wake Up America: Exposing the Water Fluoridation Conspiracy
    By Tor Ormseth, Online Editor    Have you ever thought your water tasted funny? Well, there might be a good reason for that. Studies have shown that the government has been putting abnormal amounts of fluoride in the tap water that we drink. […]
  • How students express their individual styles
    by Jules Vanselow, Reporter   Throughout the media, there are tons of styling tips offered for teens, but they often feel impractical and unhelpful. This is mostly due to the fact that the people working for magazines and websites that provide […]
  • First Latina, Asian, LGBT justice speaks during VCA celebration of MLK Day
    Sequoia Gregorich, Columnist   Mary Yu, the first Latina, Asian, and LGBT justice serving on Washington State’s Supreme Court spoke on behalf of Martin Luther King Jr. on Vashon Island, Monday Jan. 16. The Katherine L. White Hall in which she […]
  • Rants and Raves
    By Katherine Kelly, Reporter and Designer   Rant: Running out of plates and silverware at lunch During lunch, students always rush to get their food first, but it has become even more of a rush lately, as the reusable white plates and the […]
  • Students and adults find new pathway to communication
    Sequoia Gregorich, Columnist   In 2003, the island was shocked by the murder of a then-17-year-old girl.   She and her younger sister attended schools within the Vashon Island School District.  Her father, who worked at McMurray Middle […]
  • Upcoming Local Events
    Clara Atwell, Reporter   Protect the Sacred: Native Artists for Standing Rock Dec. 31 – Feb. 16 Free Spaceworks Gallery, Tacoma This exhibit features art made by Native Artists and all proceeds go to resist the DAPL at Standing Rock […]
  • Proper role model: The controversy behind modeling explained
    By Jules Vanselow, Reporter   Sitting on my best friend’s bed surrounded by people eating copious amounts of junk food, I found I wasn’t hungry. I wasn’t eating. One of my friends turned to me to ask a question.   “Do you starve […]
  • What Standing Rock teaches the environmental community
    By Alden Hinden-Stevenson, Copy Editor   On Sunday, Dec. 3, the U.S. Army denied permission for a pipeline to cross under Lake Oahe. This marked a monumental victory for those involved in the protest.   But the fight isn’t over.   For […]
  • Girls to Girls transforms lives of Kenyan scholarship recipients
    Mira Zike, Reporter and Designer   On an average day, our alarms go off and we press snooze.  Then we finally drag ourselves out of bed, heading for another mundane day spent at school.   As we get ready for school, we often don’t consider […]
  • Why people choose to be exchange students
    Luisa Fricke, Reporter   A foreign exchange program can cost a fortune, and can come with psychological challenges every day, including culture shock and homesickness. So why do so many students decide to spend six months to a year experiencing […]
  • Lala Land Review
    Clara Atwell, Reporter   Going into Lala Land I was expecting a whimsical musical featuring a rekindled chemistry between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone not seen since Crazy Stupid Love.    Instead, the love story I found was heart-wrenching, […]
  • New bill intended to protect student speech
    By Jack Kelly, Business and Publishing Editor  & Kate Kelly, Reporter and Designer   The Washington State Senate is considering a bill which would expand First Amendment rights in regards to student publications on public high school and […]
  • Upperclassmen girls fail to turn out for winter athletics
    By Katherine Kelly, Reporter and Designer   Winter sports are hitting mid season, and there are noticeably few junior and senior girls participating. Girls have the option to participate in winter cheer, wrestling, and basketball, yet there are […]
  • Should regular Calculus be offered?
    By Calder Stenn, Associate Editor   When math teacher Lisa Miller first arrived at Vashon Island High School in fall 2014, there were only two periods of Trigonometry. Since then, that number has grown to four because of the increasing number […]
  • Give island youth something to do
    Aziza Moyer, Designer and Reporter   The Vashon community is in general agreement that many island teens use and abuse drugs and alcohol. But have those who are concerned ever considered that maybe there are constructive ways to prevent these […]
  • Food, Mood, and Solitude: Viet-What? The hidden beauty of a Vietnamese Grocery Store
    Sasha Elenko, Co-Content Editor   It doesn’t look like much:  a worn-down shack, held together with Elmer’s glue in the middle of a lopsided parking lot on 12th and Jackson М — a block known as the “Little Saigon” of the International District. […]
  • New English teacher hired to replace Carlson
    By Anne Kehl, Managing Editor   In December, English teacher Colleen Carlson announced her departure from the high school to pursue a career in librarianship.  Early in January, her successor was chosen.   Queen Anne resident and (now) […]
  • What in the World
    Tommaso Nigra, Reporter   Damascus battle leaves 5 million without water Now that government forces – led by Russian-backed President Bashar al-Assad – have retaken Aleppo from the rebels, the main battlefield of the Syrian civil war has moved […]
  • Rogue One disappoints a dynasty
    By Jack Kelly, Business and Publishing Editor   I stood outside the Vashon Theater shivering, unsure if it was in anticipation for the premiere of the latest installment in the Star Wars franchise or the sub-freezing temperatures of December. […]

Riptide December 16, 2016

  • Pirate Talk
    by Kate Kelly   What is the worst holiday present you have received?   “When my sisters got pretty flower umbrellas, I got a black Walmart umbrella.” Samantha Zeigler, Freshman   “Fifty different nail polish colors from my grandma […]
  • Why it’s important to be knowledgeable and respectful when discussing mental illness
    By Madison McCann, Editor-in-chief   Recently, in a surge of racist remarks coming from the media and many other sources in response to claims from President-Elect Donald Trump, a new movement has formed, based on the belief that “Words […]
  • Why should the high school peddlers of nude images remain nameless?
    Sequoia Gregorich, Columnist   According to the OSPI (Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction), it is against policy to disclose the names of students related to behavior. This means the Riptide, or anyone else for that matter, is unable […]
  • Winter sports surge into the season
    By Katherine Kelly, Reporter    The winter sports season has begun. The girls and boys basketball, winter cheer, and wrestling team are all off to a strong start, most with a building block year. All of the teams are filled with strong […]
  • Viewing the American elections through a foreign exchange student’s eyes
    Tommaso Nigra, Reporter   The 2016 American presidential election was incredibly advertised by all kinds of media and largely discussed before, during, and after the election night, when Donald Trump won the U.S. presidency. The race to the […]
  • Rants and Raves
    Glory Busic, Reporter   Rant: Changing a song halfway through at lunch I was sitting with my friends at lunch, just jamming out to a song being blasted out of speakers at the front of the cafeteria, when suddenly, someone changed it. Changing a […]
  • Dear students; a call to action
    Sequoia Gregorich Columnist   I address you now after the presidential election on Nov. 8 to ask that you use your voices with integrity and grace. It’s not a secret that there is a large stigma related to teenagers.   There’s an […]
  • Imaginative Hypothesis: Paul McCartney is dead
    By Tor Ormseth, Online Editor   Most people believe that Paul McCartney has been more or less alive since his birth in 1942, but some people see the truth behind that lie. According to Wired Italia, the Italian version of the […]
  • Up and Coming Designers in 2016
    By Jules Vanselow, Columnist   This has been an increasingly interesting year in the fashion industry. Whether it be lace-up details or massively oversized sleeves, 2016 has been a year for statement pieces. Many fashion designers have been […]
  • Loving God, hating those who differ from us — and growing up straight in a gay household
    By Bernadette Hoover, Reporter   Today, the idea of gay parenting is no novelty.   We see examples of this on mainstream media in shows like Modern Family, The Fosters, and Glee. Even if people haven’t had the experience of meeting gay […]
  • Viewing the modeling controversy through the eyes of a young model
    by Jules Vanselow, Reporter   Sitting on my best friend’s bed surrounded by people eating copious amounts of junk food, but I found I wasn’t hungry. I wasn’t eating. One of my friends turned to me to ask a question.   “Do you starve […]
  • Debate Team rocks the UW Becky Galentine National Tournament
    By Clara Atwell, Reporter and Designer   The debate team spent Friday and Saturday, Dec. 2 and 3 at the University of Washington for the 2016 Becky Galentine Memorial Tournament, a national circuit caliber tournament attended by 22 schools with […]
  • Girl wrestler Peytra Gard hopes to attract more girls to the sport
    By Katherine Kelly, Reporter   The Vashon High School wrestling team has traditionally been made up of all boys, until now.  Senior wrestler Paytra Gard has gone from managing the team to competing alongside the rest of the boys.     “It’s […]
  • New survey reveals mental illnesses common among students
    Glory Busic, Reporter   According to The National Alliance on Mental Illnesses, a mental illness is a condition that affects a person’s thinking, feeling, or mood. According to a recent survey sent out by the Riptide to Vashon High School […]
  • What in the world?
    Tommaso Nigra, Reporter Cuban former president Fidel Castro dies On Friday, Nov. 25, historic Cuban leader Fidel Castro died, age 90 in Havana, Cuba. Castro had been the head of the country since he led the Cuban revolution and overthrew the […]
  • The role of education in fighting mental illnesses and mental disorders
    Sylvie Koefoed-Nielsen, Reporter   Mental illnesses tend to be swept under the rug.   They are not as obvious as a physical illness, like the flu, or a disease such as diabetes, so some people find them easy to ignore. If you can’t […]
  • Food, mood, and solitude: why Chinese food is the ethnic cuisine of American Jews
    Sasha Nathaniel Brooks Elenko, Co-Content Editor   Not quite depressing so much as revealing, the welcoming golden embrace of the street lights, which had — just the night before — palliated the otherwise menacing hustle and bustle of high-end […]
  • Explosive fire at Vashon Energy alarms students and teachers
    McKenna Anderson, Reporter   A fire broke out around 12:30 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 2, at Vashon Energy, 20317 Vashon Hwy SW, approximately a third of a mile from the school.   The billowing black smoke rising above the trees was seen by […]
  • Japanese alumna recounts racial inequity in classrooms
    Sequoia Gregorich, Reporter   Racial equity was the main topic of a meeting held at the school on Monday, Dec. 12, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. The event was sponsored by the Puget Sound Educational Service District (PSESD) and Vashon Island School […]
  • Arrival soars by throwing out the rulebook
    By Jack Kelly Business & Publishing Editor   Confused by the complexity of Arrival, I walked out of the Seaside Theater in Oregon.  I was flustered. I’m not exactly the proverbial moron, but I struggled to understand the timeline, the […]
  • How much do you know about Hanukkah?
    By Aziza Moyer, Reporter & Designer   It’s time for the holidays! Christmas cookies, trees, ornaments, and maybe a few menorahs and dreidels. But do the non-Jewish students in the hallways of the school really know anything about Hanukkah […]
  • Forget presents — for teachers, Christmas is all about the family
    Aziza Moyer, Reporter and Designer   Teachers at our school enjoy Christmas for different reasons, and many of them have different ways of celebrating during the holidays. However, as they have grown older, their views of Christmas-time have […]
  • Instructor Carlson departs mid-year
    Beloved English teacher will leave to become a librarian in West Seattle school district on January 3. In this first-person story, managing editor Anne Kehl interviews Carlson up-close and personal about her career at Vashon, the dramatic life […]
  • Why is it so expensive to live on Vashon?
    By Julian White-Davis, Photo Editor   Vashon Island has been a sought-after place to live for decades. However, in recent years, the real estate market has exploded as more and more people have scrambled to claim land on the rural island. […]

Riptide November 18, 2016

  • Dancing through the Decades
    By Aziza Moyer, Reporter   Popular dance has evolved throughout time, especially here in America where countless new dance styles have emerged as a result of the constantly changing culture of the nation. Within the last few years, we have […]
  • Lunch ladies profile
    By Madeleine Dumais, Social Media and Distribution Editor     Lisa Cyra Lisa Cyra is the director of food services in the Vashon Island School District. She began working for the district seven years ago.   Cyra didn’t start working […]
  • Dear Parents: Talking about the birth control pill
    Sequoia Gregorich, Columnist   Your daughters want to talk to you about birth control.   In this century, we care about our future. We would like to work hard, and build our way to the top in a world still belonging to men. In a world like […]
  • Let’s talk about sex
    Sequoia Gregorich, Columnist     Last spring, five students were chosen to lead a teen sexual education group called the Teen Council structured around a Planned Parenthood curriculum. The council’s mission is clear.   “[We teach] […]
  • Girls soccer team competed at state
    By Katherine Kelly, Reporter     The girls soccer team ended their season proudly. The team had been training hard, and with a loss on Tuesday, November 1, and a win on Saturday, November 5, they advanced to State.   The girls team […]
  • Rants and Raves
    By Anne Kehl, Managing Editor and Jack Kelly, Business Editor   Rant:  Chromebooks I race to SMART period to finish my presentation. Grabbing a Chromebook, I mash my password into the fragile device. I just get the tab open when someone brushes […]
  • From dumpster fire to victory torch
    By Jack Kelly, Business Editor   The crowd swarms around the CNN projections like moths to a light. Still holding fast to the polls from the previous day, Clinton supporters reassure each other that their worst nightmare is not coming to pass. […]
  • Court case amendments
    By Julian White-Davis, Director of Photography     Earlier this year, Vashon Island School District (VISD) — as well as a group of its employees — was sued by a group of anonymous students for sexual harassment and […]
  • Why to do a walk-out
    By Anne Kehl, Managing Editor   On Monday, Nov. 14, Vashon High School staged a walkout. Around 60 students left class at 1:30 p.m. and met at the front of the school. Seniors Jack Kelly and Aria Garrett read letters addressed to Donald Trump […]
  • Differentiating between German and American schools
    by Luisa Fricke, Reporter   As I am an exchange student from Germany, I get many questions about my country. Some of the questions include the following: Where do you live? How is the weather there? Do you miss your family? How is school in […]
  • Upcoming events
    By Campbell Foster, Reporter   Thurs, Sat, Sun. December 1,3,4 – Vashon Island Chorale – Handel’s Messiah Vashon Center for the Arts, Vashon, WA Tickets: $18 VCA members, $15 seniors, $5 students (16 and under), $20 General Come to […]
  • Bringing back free Condoms to VHS
    Clara Atwell, Reporter   Last winter, VHS nurse, Sarah Day, stopped refilling the free condom basket near the counselors’ offices, because students were using them as water balloons and for other pranks. This left the classroom of Health and […]
  • Seasonal Waffle: Pumpkin Spice
    Sasha Elenko, Co-Content Editor   You wake up much too early to the heartbreakingly dismal sound of rain outside your window. You know that eventually you will have to leave the heavenly confines of your bed, but any thought of what comes next […]
  • Making the perfect waffle
    Sasha Nathaniel Brooks Elenko, Co-Content Editor & Food Columnist     Knowing how to make the perfect waffle is a must-have skill for everyone, even the most isolated of hermits. After all, the only feeling better than biting into a […]
  • Thanksgiving DIY
    Festive Fall Garland: What You’ll Need: Orange Yarn (shading is negotiable) Green Yarn Plastic Leafs One sewing needle Fishing line or thread (white or clear) A book or something similar (7” across) Cloth Scissors Command hooks or nails   First […]
  • What in the world?
    Tommaso Nigra, Reporter   The battle for Mosul, Iraq has started:   A coalition between the Iraqi army and some Kurdish groups — supported by U.S. special forces and American, British, and French air cover — is fighting to […]
  • Pirate Talk
    By Mira Zike, Reporter   What is your funniest Thanksgiving memory?   Bryce Joanis, 9 “My dad dropped the turkey!”   Mary Rudolph, 10 “We were all eating Thanksgiving dinner, and my chihuahua got on the table and we just left her […]
  • Thanksgiving is not the perfect holiday
    By Madison McCann, Editor-in-Chief   Picture this: the perfect Thanksgiving. The table is set with the best dishes, and covered with a mouthwatering assortment of all the classic foods.   Now, take a step back and look at the bigger […]
  • Rants and Raves
    By Anne Kehl, Managing Editor & Jack Kelly, Business Editor   Rant:  Chromebooks I grow frustrated as the login screen pops up on the screen of my Chromebook. Recently, the Chromebooks throughout the school have been configured to […]

Riptide October 28, 2016

  • Students Work Towards an Athletic Scholarship
    By Kate Kelly, Reporter   Vashon Island High School has a history of producing college athletes, and many schools across the United States have begun their admissions processes for the 2017/18 school year. A number of Vashon’s aspiring athletes […]
  • Presidential Endorsement: Why Clinton is the Best Candidate for Change
    By The Editorial Board   When the Riptide endorsed Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders last spring, we envisioned a president who greatly appealed to the needs of today’s youth. As the 2016 election cycle has transitioned from the primaries to the […]
  • A look into the lives of Vashon’s Homeless
    By Julian White-Davis, Director of Photography   For many, the homeless population on the island is sort of a mystery. Few people converse with those wearing ragged clothes on the side of the street. Many think that it’s their choice to be […]
  • Dancing without a date: Opting out of a traditional Homecoming
    Jules Vanselow, Reporter   We all know the scene: a group of students gather around a kid holding a sign and some flowers in anticipation. Their future date is led around the corner to come face-to-face with their proposal. They say yes, hug […]
  • Where to find birth control options on Vashon
    B Hoover, Reporter Family health class teaches us the dangers of unprotected sex; however, there are many different ways to be safe. The places with the most options of birth control on the island are the Vashon Pharmacy and the DoVE project.   […]
  • Staff take action against Drugs and Alcohol at Football Games
    By Mira Zike, Reporter   It comes as no surprise to students or teachers that there are students who use drugs and alcohol. However, staff members were shocked to find it happening in the stands at our football games. During the home game on […]
  • Boys cross country shows potential for State
    By Aziza Moyer, Reporter   For the first time in many years, the boys cross country team is having major success, holding second in their league. Usually the girls team is the one that shines, but this season the boys are showing their ability […]
  • Experience Halloween Stories on Vashon
    By Luisa Fricke, Reporter   When kids are young, Halloween is a frightening and exciting experience. However, as they grow older, kids look back on these memories and realize how funny and ridiculous they were at a younger age. Many students at […]
  • Pirate Pals Join Cheerleaders on the Sidelines
    By Madeleine Dumais, Social Media and Distribution Editor   During the football game on Oct. 17, the cheer team was joined by 33 elementary school girls. The team does this every year as both a fundraiser and as a way to include community […]
  • Seattle’s 9 a.m. start time: Could it work at VHS?
    By Julian White-Davis, Director of Photography   The start of this school year has marked a change in the Seattle School District (SSD) that has set an example for school districts around the United States. The Seattle School Board and the […]
  • Taking a sneak peak at the VHS fall shows
    Clara Atwell, Reporter   This November, the school is putting on the productions  Laundry and Bourbon and PVT. Wars. Both plays are being directed by VHS theater arts teacher Dr. Stephen Floyd.   Seniors Grace Brown, Madison McCann, and […]
  • VHS Shines Light on SAD
    By Glory Busic, Reporter   According to the New York Times, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that occurs at a certain time of the year, usually in the winter. SAD is a mental disorder that doesn’t get as much attention […]
  • Dear Parents, dealing with anonymous gossip
    Sequoia Gregorich, Reporter   The After School app’s a little cute you might think. First there’s the little logo with the tiger and sunglasses. And then there’s the cute mysterious compliments. The ones that make so many students around the […]
  • Upcoming events
      Sylvie Koefoed-Nielsen, Designer   Movies   Moana November 23rd Disney Princess Movie This new Disney movie will be about a Hawaiian girl, without romance, and it’s taking a new and encouraged turn for the popular company.   […]
  • Pirate talk
    By Aziza Moyer, Reporter   Question “What would you want written on your tombstone?”   Riley Heryford – 9 “Ignorance is bliss.”   Elliot Eades – 10 “Peace out.”   Maijah Sanson-Frey – 11 “A songwriter who made a […]
  • Rants and raves
    By Maddy Dumais, Social media and distribution editor   Rant: Leaving Lunch trays out   Have you ever walked around the school at the end of lunch? Well I have. I’ve noticed that several students leave out their trays at the end of lunch. […]
  • What in the world?
    Tommaso Nigra, Reporter   2016 Nobel Prizes assigned in Stockholm   During the first half of October, the 2016 Nobel Prizes were announced in Stockholm, Sweden. The well-known international awards honor the men and the women who, during […]
  • Lawsuit returns to State Supreme Court over education funding concerns
    Sasha Elenko, Co-Content Editor   On Oct. 6, 2016, the Washington State Supreme Court case McCleary et al. v. State of Washington was refiled with the aim of speeding up the state legislature’s efforts to fully fund public education in […]
  • What’s illegal about sexting?
    By Anne Kehl, Managing Editor    There has been plenty of talk surrounding sexting in the past month or so, and much of it has involved the laws behind possessing explicit images, and especially sharing them.   Because sexting is a […]
  • How equal are we?
    By Jack Kelly, Business and Publishing Editor   Since the beginning of the Suffrage movement, the fight for gender equality has steadily grown, permeating every aspect of life; public or private. Most recently, it has been discussed in regard […]
  • Ask a pirate
    By Campbell Foster, Reporter     How do you balance homework and fun?     Thanks for your question!   Something I have found very helpful in finding time for fun is starting your homework as soon as you get home from school. […]

Riptide October 7, 2016

  • QSA Letter to the Editor
    Dear Editor,   Following the recent publications of articles regarding the status of non-gendered bathrooms at Vashon Island High School, QSA would like to address some of the concerns that were […]
  • Studies show Pink Floyd Brainwashing Trump Campaign
    Tor Ormseth, Online Editor   The Wall by Pink Floyd has been one of the most successful albums of all time, with a claimed 30 million copies sold. It is possibly the best example, of a “concept […]
  • Keep Your Eyes to the Sky: VHS Launches new Drones
    By Mckenna Anderson, Reporter   The Riptide broadcasting team at Vashon Island High School has gotten a new and exciting addition in their technology features: a drone. This device is still very […]
  • Football Fumbles First Four Games
    Tor Ormseth, Online Editor   Four games into the Pirates football season, and things aren’t looking up. Each game has resulted in a loss. Against Forks, the team lost 26-42, against Cedar Park […]
  • Solrun’s School Survival Guide for Struggling Students
    By Solrun Heuschert, Reporter The transition from summer break back to school can be rough to say the least. Sometimes, it feels like never-ending work, and we are always counting down the seconds to […]
  • Tuning into October
    By Brennan Barrett, Online Editor   Green Day – Revolution Radio Punk/Alt Rock, October 7 Revolution Radio is the twelfth studio album by punk rock group Green Day. Green Day’s career has […]
  • Kaepernick Takes a Knee for Racial Injustice
    By Calder Stenn, Content Editor   Let’s step back for a moment and look at Colin Kaepernick as a normal American citizen. Forget that he is an NFL player, that he earns eight figures a year, and […]
  • Vashon robotics club starting
    By Maya Gould, Reporter   Welcome to robotics! A team of robot engineers and enthusiasts that meet weekly to collaborate on next generation ro-bionics. Watch out for these guys, before you know […]
  • Sun sets on summer travels
    By Clara Atwell, Reporter   This summer many Vashon High School students left the Pacific Northwest behind to see the world.   Sophomore Mia Knight and junior Sam Knight spent two weeks […]
  • Volleyball preview
    Mira Zike, Reporter   The VHS Volleyball team is headed towards a very exciting season. With a new JV coach and some amazing wins under their belt, the Volleyball girls have a lot to offer. […]
  • VHS water bottle fillers impact students
    By Kate Kelly, Reporter   When the high school was rebuilt, water bottle fillers were included in the upgrade. These water bottle fillers have made a tremendous difference to students when it […]
  • Upcoming Concerts in and near Seattle
    Luisa Fricke, Reporter   Maroon 5, Tove Lo, and PHASES October 11, 7:30 p.m. Key Arena $26.50 to $122.   Seattle Fashion week October 13-19 Union Station General admission $40 to $125 VIP […]
  • VHS adds three new courses
    Maddy Dumais, Social Media Editor   Global Health:   This year, VHS offers three new classes: Global Health, Robotics, and Sports Statistics.   In Global Health, students will be […]
  • Pirate Talk
    By Aziza Moyer, Reporter   Question “What is the strangest food you have ever eaten?”   Jackie Bostock- freshman “In third grade I ate chocolate covered ants and crickets and bugs because […]
  • “Secret Garden” theme showcases beauty of Homecoming
    Maddy Dumais, Social Media Editor   Imagine walking into a beautiful garden with your Homecoming date and losing track of time as you dance the night away under twinkling lights.   The […]
  • Must Read Books of 2015/16
    Simone Newcomb and Campbell Foster, Reporters   Check out our list of young adult must-reads from 2015-16. These books are an intriguing mix of fantasy, science fiction (sci-fi), realistic […]
  • Falling into Fashion
    Jules Vanselow, Reporter   With October approaching and chilly weather rolling in, many people will be bundling up for the fall to come. A few fashion-experts have volunteered what they’re […]
  • Brock Turner: Above the Law?
    By Jack Kelly, Business Editor Two years ago few knew the name. Perhaps his family and friends would talk about a strong student-athlete who was accepted into Stanford, one of the most prestigious […]
  • Sexting raises concerns at SMART meeting
    By Jack Kelly, Business Editor   Textbooks were being pulled out of bags at the beginning of SMART period last Monday, when, to the surprise of the many hoping to prep for their AP Chem exam, […]
  • Girls soccer optimistic, despite slow start to season
    Tommaso Nigra, Reporter   The girls soccer team has really improved since last season. Coaches Alan Zoltie and Scott Nicolino can count on more than thirty players between varsity and junior […]
  • What in the World?
    Tommaso Nigra, Reporter   Brazil’s Ex-President Lula Charged With Corruption Brazil’s Ex-President Luiz Inàcio Lula da Silva from the leftist Workers Party is being charged with corruption […]
  • Rants and Raves
    Madison McCann, Editor-in-Chief   Rant: Messing with the locks on lockers I recently overheard a kid telling a friend how funny it was when he put the lock from one locker onto another locker; […]