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  • Manatee Commune
    By Julian White-Davis, Photo Editor   Hands sway through the air; feet jump up and down as sweaty bodies collide with each other in a moshpit at the front of the stage; a massive LED video wall portraying psychedelic images stands in the background.   It’s high noon, and the whole school is jiving out to a live performance of electronic dance music conducted by Manatee Commune.   The artist, Grant Eadie, held a surprise performance for the students on June 2 and stuck around afterwards to answer questions from the crowd, give […]
  • The Necessary Art of Rapping
    By Giacomo Kuzma, Hip-Hop/Rap Columnist   The difference between rap music and other genres is no head scratcher; it’s the rapping. True, the sample-based instrumentals or 808-thumping beats are just as crucial to a rap song, but it’s the vocal, the rapping, that is the defining nature of rap music.   The emcee neither brandishes the microphone nor wields the pen as other artists do. While Charlie Parker fingers the saxophone, Eminem utters dense rhyme schemes. As Frank Sinatra glides through melodies, Jay Z flows double, nay, triple […]
  • Artist vs. Artistry
    By Sequoia Gregorich, Co-Content Editor and Giacomo Kuzma, Columnist   “That [man] gave us ‘Billie Jean,’ you say he touched those kids? / When [expletive] hit the fan, is you still a fan?” Kendrick Lamar ponders.   In his song “Mortal Man,” Lamar raises an important question: When an artist or idol commits a heinous act, should we refuse to acknowledge them and/or their artistry?   This can be a trying debate. Is it unacceptable to recognize the work of a morally-compromised artist, regardless of the work’s quality? Or does an […]